Estelle N. Smith

Estelle is an artist in the Concord area
specializing in watercolor and fine art

Welcome to Estelle N. Smith’s world of art. This site is replete with the work of one of the Lakes Region’s best-known artists. Enjoy the ride!


About Estelle

A regional presence in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region since 2001, Estelle Smith has relocated to the Concord, NH area, an environment that she has found to be warm, supportive, and welcoming. A member of a long list of arts-related organizations, Estelle thrives most within the confines of her new, north-facing, in-home studio, her center for continued work and, her primary love, teaching.

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Art Classes

Art Classes 2022

Test your artistic abilities, learn basic drawing skills, or come just for fun!!!

Estelle Smith is pleased to announce that her 2022 Art Classes will be offered in her home in Bow NH. Learn to draw what you see NOT what you THINK you see.

Class Schedule



From Whimsical Fonts, to Drawings, to Watercolor, Acryllic, Mixed Media, and Oil, Estelle N. Smith is an accomplished artist and an amazing instructor. View her work and her student's work here.